Hybrid and Volume Extensions Masterclass

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BLC Training Academy Hybrid and Volume Eyelash Extension Online Masterclass has been designed to give you the education and industry techniques to become a skilled lash artist. Providing you with all the necessary knowledge to confidently apply lash extensions professionally to your own clients!

All theory and video modules are created and developed by the co-founders of Brow and Lash Co. All students will receive access to the secrets of success to begin their own empire. You’ll get access to:
  • 34 Modules
  • 26 Tests
  • 5 Video Tutorials
  • Certificate


BLC Training Academy Hybrid and Volume Eyelash Extension Online Masterclass has been designed to give you the education and industry techniques to become a skilled lash artist. Providing you with all the necessary knowledge to confidently apply lash extensions professionally to your own clients!

The Hybrid Lash Extension treatment is an advanced technique combining your Classic Eyelash Extension skills, with new Volume Fan techniques so you can diversify your service and create custom Hybrid lashes for your clients.

Our course is made up of highly informative theory, and step by step instructional treatment processes, and questions which have been meticulously developed by our BLCA educators to ensure once complete you have a professional level of advanced techniques and understanding from the industries best.

Online video modules aid learning these new skills, taking you through how to Set up, apply the Hybrid Lash Extensions, Removals, Refills, and more.

Brow and Lash Co Training Academy’s Online courses are designed so you can learn at your own pace and accommodate your needs, whether you are busy juggling work and a family, or like a slower learning pace- you are in control of your lash career and we are here to support you!

All courses include lifetime access to course materials so you can study in your own time and refresh your lash skills whenever you need to. The Brow and Lash Co Training Academy Hybrid Lash Extension Masterclass Online course will help you to gain all the foundations to help you build a successful lash career!

*does not include kit


What is the advantage to taking the BLC Online Hybrid Lash Extension Course?

The BLC Online Hybrid Eyelash Extension course allows you the convenience to learn the skills to become a Lash Extension Trained Technician at your own pace from anywhere in the world! The course has been written and designed by the BLC educators who have many years of experience. It provides all instruction through the use of text, images, diagrams, video and audio so that you can successfully become a skilled lash technician.

I have bought the BLC Hybrid Lash Extension Course, when can I start?

You will be sent an email from BLC (this is an automated email make sure you check your junk mail!)

Can I start applying eyelash extensions on paying clients after I am finished with the course?

The BLC Online Hybrid Eyelash Extension Training Course will teach you the fundamentals but it is up to you to practice on models (friends/family) until you perfect your technique. Our educators highly recommend spending a minimum of 40 minutes per day, practicing on a mannequin head. Once you have performed at least 20 practice sets your speed and technique will have improved, and you will be ready to start on clients! Note there is always room for improvement, to keep learning and perfecting your skills. You can opt to advance to offer Russian Volume to your services which you can learn online with BLC!

Do I receive a kit for my BLC Hybrid Lash Extension online course?

BLC give you the option to purchase your eyelash extension course WITH or WITHOUT a kit included, so you can choose what is best suited to you! The kit includes all the necessary tools and supplies you need to get started!

What is included in the BLC Hybrid Lash Extension Course kit?

Within your BLC Hybrid Lash Extension Kit, the following products are included:

  • 2 x Mixed/single trays for classic eyelash extension application ( 0.15 or  0.18 and 0.07)
  • 1 x BLC Lash Glue
  • 1 x BLC Lash Primer
  • 1 x BLC Lash Shampoo
  • 1 x BLC Glue Remover
  • 20pk Gel Eye Pads
  • 1 roll Of Tape
  • 1 pair Of Tweezers (1 isolation & 1 pickup)
  • 50pk Microswabs
  • 50pk Mascara Wands
  • Jade Stone

Can I apply Lash Extensions to my own eyes?

This is a big no no! Strongly advise to never attempt this, lash extensions should only ever be applied by a trained Lash technician.

What if I have no beauty training and come from a completely different field of work, can I still do the BLC Hybrid Lash Extension Course?

Absolutely! Our courses are designed to educate and upskill, whether you have beauty experience or not. You can purchase the BLC Lash Extension course (or any of the available courses from BLC Training Academy) which will equip you with all the training and knowledge you need to  become a Lash Technician. You will have access to all the necessary educational material to start your new career!

When do I receive my certificate?

You will receive your certificate via email once all theory and practical requirements are met. You can print and frame your new certificate once it arrives to celebrate your exciting new career!

Can I fail the course?

If you do not complete all the required theory and practical assessments you will not complete the course, and not be sent your certificate.

What happens if I complete the BLC Hybrid Lash Extension Online course, and I still can’t do the skill properly?

BLC offers a high touch mentoring program and community for ongoing support after you have qualified from the course. During the course you can email the BLC educators for any questions related to the content you may have. You will also have the option to book a live model training day should you wish to have further practical training guided by a BLC professional.

Do I get a discount on BLC wholesale Lash Extension products?

Once you complete your BLC online course, you are part of the special BLC community for life, we offer a 10% off to use towards the BLC wholesale products from our online store, for your new career as a trained Lash Technician

10 reviews for Hybrid and Volume Extensions Masterclass

  1. Naomi E

    I have used my new skills to start working from home and also doing some work experience in a salon on the side!

  2. Lucy T

    Can’t recommend this online course enough! The courses are so professional and informative.

  3. Hannah D

    It’s very easy to follow and is very well explained. Would absolutely recommend it to friends or anyone interested.

  4. Audrey T

    Happy to have upgraded me and my skills!! So professional and precise. Highly recommend to any one contemplating to study and upskill themselves.

  5. Isabella

    I’m so glad I found this course. So easy to navigate and very educational. It had all the info you need to practice and I’m so proud of myself for completing this course.

  6. Andrea Z

    This course has really improved my confidence levels and I really feel like i’d be doing a good job!

  7. Scarlett D

    I really enjoyed the course. Very thorough and clear videos made it so easy to follow. I loved the quizzes cause it made it easier to make sure I was retaining the information. Now I’m on to the Mega Volume Masterclass – can’t wait!

  8. Samantha A

    This is the second course I have completed on here and I’m more than happy. I’d be very happy to complete more.

  9. Emma L

    So glad I found this course! Time to boss up!

  10. Chloe W

    I didn’t know what to expect but the course had a very extensive coverage of all aspects. I did my on research on Google and Youtube before I took this course and all I could find was half-informational/half-promotional content. After completing this course, I look forward to using my new skills in my new career. I’m in the process of completing a few of the other courses on this website then I’m looking for a job. I’m really excited, can’t believe it’s all coming together.

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